Reasons To Hire A Professional Company For A Tank Removal Chicago, IL

Reasons To Hire A Professional Company For A Tank Removal Chicago, IL

Reasons To Hire A Professional Company For A Tank Removal Chicago, IL


Safety should be a top priority when you need oil tank removal service in Chicago. When handling it yourself or you leave it to someone who is inexperienced, you run a great risk of property damage or personal injury.

Improper fuel tank removal in Chicago can result in:

  • Fires
  • Explosions
  • Environmental contamination
  • Cave-ins
  • Structural problems
  • Severe injuries or death

Insurance Coverage

Your fuel tank company in Chicago should have the proper insurance protection for the work they handle on your property. With that, you could be liable for any issues that arise beyond your fuel tank.  

Experienced Oil Tank Removal  

Should your tank removal company not follow proper procedure when doing the job, including submitting permit applications, inspections, the correctly disposing of your old tank and soil, you could be facing fines or legal action down the road.

Mishandling Contaminated Soil 

Hiring a contractor who lacks experience in handling soil contamination can leave you with contaminated soil on your property. They may also remove soil that does not need to be removed. 

This can come back to haunt you in several ways:

  • Improper Disposal

You may be fined for improper disposal of contaminated soil if your contractor does not handle it properly.

  • Failure to Remove Contaminated Soil

Underground oil tank removal in Chicago requires that all contaminated soil is removed according to standard practice. Any missed contaminants could spread throughout the property and even into neighboring properties. And if you build additional structures over the contaminated soil, it may not be accessible without demolition.

  • Spreading Contaminated Soils to Neighboring Properties

You might face legal action brought on by contaminants spreading onto neighboring lands if they are not dealt with properly in a timely manner by a reputable fuel tank company in Chicago. Once the contractor is gone, you run a terrible risk if proper procedures were not followed.

  • Final Report

You could be asked to show documentation that your tank removal in Chicago was done accordingly. Only a professional experienced with underground tank removal in Chicago can provide that document.

Final Reports and the Proper Documentation

The final report for your underground fuel tank removal in Chicago and the accompanying documentation shows that a qualified oil tank removal company performed the work according to specified standards. If you don’t have this report, you could have issues selling your home, renewing your mortgage, or renewing your insurance coverage for the property.